Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Continuing with the spirit of CF games:

1200m Run
63 Kettlebell swings (55/35#)
36 pullups
800m Run
42 Kettlebell swings
24 pullups
400m Run
21 Kettlebell swings
12 pullups

This was to be completed in 24:00 at the games. The best time for men was 16:59 by Graham Holmberg and 17:53 for women by Annie Thorisdotter.

This is a double Pyramid Helen.
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Sunday January 17, 2010


Anonymous said...

I am game if someone wants to do this one
(?Jen/Leslie/Sandra?)...please, let me know if I can get with one of you...thanks...Krista

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 23:28 RX'd

This was a great WOD. Our runs are a little longer. Pullups were almost imposible after the Kettlebells swings.

Previous Helen:
Paul - 8:36 (1/17/10)

Paul - 8:20 PR (09/04/09)

Fitness Estrella said...

Robby - 27:28
44# KB
His pullups were strong!

Fitness Estrella said...

Duane - 29:23
44# KB
6 Unassisted Pullups per round and the rest were Jumping Pullups.

L. A. said...

This WOD was real good, sweat like crazy!!! Thanks Krista for the long run....we pushed hard!!!


Jumping Pullups

Jen B. said...

Nice job Leslie! Why the jumping pullups?!

kq said...

35lb KB
Pullups; first 20 purple band; then jumping pullups.

The runs and KB's were good. KB's 1st round 40-13-10, 2nd round did 15-20-7, last round all 21. Those pullups were the worst - I agree with Paul nearly impossible to do after KB's.

Leslie; you did great - the runs weren't so bad either; right? :-)

Jen: You so have this in the bag; you are strong on all three of these elements - Go for it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok..this was the hardest workout I have done!!

35# KB
first 5 pullups unassisted, then had to go with purple band. My shoulder just were so fatigued after the KB's


Thanks Jen. You rocked this one of course!!!


Jen B. said...

35# KB

Great workout! The pullups were brutal but was able to do all unassisted. First rnd on KB did 33-20-10, 2nd 22-20 (I think), 3rd all 21.
Sandra did awesome as well!
Her time was 30:37 with 35# KB and pullups with purple band.
Nice job Krista!

kq said...

Way to go Jen and Sandra!!
Super awesome job!
Big high fives!!!