Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday July 26, 2010

Active Rest Day.

Rest but keep active or practice something you suck at!

Pushups - Hands released from ground before pushing body up.

Towel Pullups!


L. A. said...

Looks good Jen, the Pullups where actually fun to do. Did not us band. Pushups where tougher. Active rest well, worked on OHS and Thrusters, and put some Towel pullups in there between.
Then dug a trench two 1/2ft long/3"deep!!!

50 OHS @40#'s
30 Thusters @40#'s
No time - Just focused on form!

Mike L said...

Pulled a WOD from 6/28/09 (took me 19:43 with 55#)
7 Rounds...
5 Thrusters
7 Hang Cleans
Today 22:50 with 70#. Felt like a lot of weight, but it actually got easier as I got into the later rounds.
Mike L