Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday July 23, 2010

7 Rounds
3 Power Cleans (135#/205#)
4 HSPU (Ring HSPU for men)

This was another event at the CF Games. Graham Holmberg was first at 4:26 and Chris Spealer was second with 4:27 for the men. Kristan Clever was first for the women with a time of 3:37.


Jen B. said...

85# Power cleans (PR)
Modified HSPU (feet on 48" box)

I was very happy about being able to clean 85#. I tried 90# a few times after the workout but couldn't quite get it. Did 1 C&J @ 85# as well.
Also did a one mile run after the wod:
7:06 (PR)
previous fastest time for 1 mile was 7:10.

Anonymous said...


power cleans 85#
modified HSPU (feet on 48" machine)

I tried to max power cleans after this WOD and PR with 115#. I did it 2 times then it started getting in my head and I couldn't do it. I got it 1 more time. I am happy with that considering I never did max weight before. I can't even imagine doing cleans with 135#. Those girls are the bomb!

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 9:43
195# Cleans (Body Weight)

I tried 205# initially but failed the first 4 times and started over with 195#. This is the most weight I have ever attempted. It makes it tough when my right elbow will not bend past a certain point. Also I tried a ring HSPU before the WOD and it was very difficult. I barely got it. I may have tried to do this in a wod but could not get the rings any lower to the ground. (They were about 2 feet off the ground)

I like doing heavy less rep WODS at least once a week. We should be good at everything and practice what we suck at.

kq said...

HSPU modified (36" box; all I have)

I went with 80lbs because I was not sure what I was doing and how to do it and being alone with the kids there is no one to really help me. I felt real good on the last few rounds and actually really "powered" them up; that was a weird/cool feeling...light bulb on! Next time I will try for 90lbs. HSPU are much stronger and felt good. Thinking about practicing in handstand with Jack spotting my legs to build up to them...

Good job everyone!

L. A. said...

Sat morning- took an 8 mile bike ride this morning, with Steve; then did this WOD!!! Tried real hard to use 80#'s, just couldn't get it all the way up.


7 Rds
PW/Cln 75#'s
HSPU (modified 48" BJ