Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday July 23, 2010

7 Rounds
3 Power Cleans (135#/205#)
4 HSPU (Ring HSPU for men)

This was another event at the CF Games. Graham Holmberg was first at 4:26 and Chris Spealer was second with 4:27 for the men. Kristan Clever was first for the women with a time of 3:37.


Jen B. said...

85# Power cleans (PR)
Modified HSPU (feet on 48" box)

I was very happy about being able to clean 85#. I tried 90# a few times after the workout but couldn't quite get it. Did 1 C&J @ 85# as well.
Also did a one mile run after the wod:
7:06 (PR)
previous fastest time for 1 mile was 7:10.

Anonymous said...


power cleans 85#
modified HSPU (feet on 48" machine)

I tried to max power cleans after this WOD and PR with 115#. I did it 2 times then it started getting in my head and I couldn't do it. I got it 1 more time. I am happy with that considering I never did max weight before. I can't even imagine doing cleans with 135#. Those girls are the bomb!

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 9:43
195# Cleans (Body Weight)

I tried 205# initially but failed the first 4 times and started over with 195#. This is the most weight I have ever attempted. It makes it tough when my right elbow will not bend past a certain point. Also I tried a ring HSPU before the WOD and it was very difficult. I barely got it. I may have tried to do this in a wod but could not get the rings any lower to the ground. (They were about 2 feet off the ground)

I like doing heavy less rep WODS at least once a week. We should be good at everything and practice what we suck at.

kq said...

HSPU modified (36" box; all I have)

I went with 80lbs because I was not sure what I was doing and how to do it and being alone with the kids there is no one to really help me. I felt real good on the last few rounds and actually really "powered" them up; that was a weird/cool feeling...light bulb on! Next time I will try for 90lbs. HSPU are much stronger and felt good. Thinking about practicing in handstand with Jack spotting my legs to build up to them...

Good job everyone!

Leslie A said...

Sat morning- took an 8 mile bike ride this morning, with Steve; then did this WOD!!! Tried real hard to use 80#'s, just couldn't get it all the way up.


7 Rds
PW/Cln 75#'s
HSPU (modified 48" BJ