Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday June 29, 2010

Go for a Hike and make it a long tough hike.
Maybe even something like Half Dome!


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - Well we only hiked Half Dome. LOL. We left Auburn, CA at 11:00PM and arrived in Yosemite at 3:30 AM. We then took a .7 mile trek to the trailhead and started the hike to Half Dome at 4:15AM. We took the Mist Trail which is 8.2 miles (16.4 miles round trip) and has an elevation change of 4800 feet and at an elevation of 8842 feet (over 1.5 miles above sea level). This was an amazing hike. This was more Crazy though than amazing. To get to the very top you have to go up a 60 - 80% incline. The first half has no cables and the second half does. If you slip you fall off the side to your death which many people do a year. When you get there, you have no choice but to complete the task. IT WAS BREAT TAKING! EVRYONE of you needs to do it. YES, WE DID IT!

Paul - 4:59:02 (4 hours 59 minutes 2 seconds) to the top. This included 30 minutes of 2 of us eliminating ourselves over the cliff due to the nervousness and 15 minutes of Danny contemplating if he should do it. We could have done this in 4 hours 15 minutes. This also is including picture taking. They say it takes 8 - 12 hours to get to the top. We spent 40 minutes on the very top and then made our way back down. It took 4:40:03 (4 hours 40 minutes 3 seconds) to make it back down to the start. The way down was much harder than the way up.

To Half Dome - 4:59:02 (8.2 miles)
From Half Dome - 4:40:03 (8.2 miles)
Total Time - 9:39:05 (16.4 miles)
Also had to hike 1.4 miles to and from the car.

kq said...

Super Awesome and Congratulations!! Glad you are ALL alive to tell us about it!

2.8 mile run; 25:15

Fitness Estrella said...

This was an awesome hike. Tough to do in 1 day. Most people make this a 2 day trip. I had to talk the guys into going up the cables (they both have a fear of heights). There was no way I was going that far to not complete the hike, but I can see why many do not. I was second guessing myself halfway up...Great experience!

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