Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday June 24, 2010



Fitness Estrella said...

Jen, my brother Danny and I did a WOD at CrossFit Santa Clara. What an awesome place.

kq said...

Push Press; 50lbs
Kettlebell; 35lb

13:22 cool!!!! :-)

Mike L said...

10 Squat cleans
50 Sit ups
8 Squat cleans
40 Sit ups
6 Squat cleans
30 Sit ups
4 Squat cleans
20 Sit ups
2 Squat cleans
10 Sit ups

11:31; 70lbs.

Tried to beat your time Krista, wish I had your abs of steel.

Paul, sounds like good times and great challenges at SC. Enjoy.
Mike L

kq said...

Hahahahahaha!! No abs of steel here Mike...just pushed hard on the squat cleans...keep going strong!! :-)