Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday June 06, 2010


Meet at 7:00am if you would like to make-up Friday's workout.


Anonymous said...

Krista (06/04/10 WOD)
15:00; 65lbs; OHS completed!
14:41; 60 lbs (11/27/09)
15:43; 60lbs (09/23/09)

All was good until I got to the cleans; I don't know if I have cleaned 65lbs before. It was pretty tough the first round and then I started slowoing down on my runs...just kept pushing through and completed with the OHS! Yay!!

Mike, Jen and Leslie did phenomenal work; as always a pleasure! :-)

Anonymous said...

I felt like I was going at a great pace but time sure tells.
25:20; 85lbs OHS completed.

I am not quite comfortable with the OHS just yet.
I sprinted an extra mile afterwards to redeem myself for me.

Jen B. said...

14:18 65#
Did the OHS squat twice because I felt like I did not get low enough on the first attempt.
Previous times:
14:08 65# (No OHS)2/14/10
13:56 60# 11/27/09
15:20 60# 9/23/09

Again, everyone did great! Mike - you still got it - back to 75 or 80# next time! Krista - Nice OHS. Leslie - great attempt at the OHS!
Leslie: 16:13 60#
Krista: 15:00 65#
Mike L: 13:43 70#

Albert - great job! Glad to see you came back for more. Don't stress about your time. 85# is a pretty decent weight to start with on this workout.

L. A. said...

Today was tense, Forgot how much more work it is to keep up with this group of fire breathers!!! Great job,we work well together.Just couldnt get the 65#'s to work for me. Will be working on that. As for the OHS got that down, but fell afterwards.Next time Jen, no cars in the driveway!!! ha ha.
Thanks agian for have us.

Mike L said...

Mike L 70# 13:43
What a push! All I could hear was Jen's foot steps. Thanks for the workout. Nice landing Leslie. Krista, your OHS was unbelievable. See you all next time