Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday June 26, 2010

AMRAP in 10 Minutes
5 Ring Dips
10 Knees to Elbows
5 Burpees

then do 4 rounds of 1 of the following with a rest period. Rest periods should be the same legnth it took to complete 1 round. Example: If it took 50 seconds to do a 200M row, rest 50 seconds before you start the next round.

200M Row X 4
200M Run X 4
100' Prowler Push X 4
100' Sled Drag X 4

This was another great workout and experience at CFSC. We are going to make our entire vacation here at CFSC. Thanks again.
The WOD:


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 7 Rounds plus 5 Ring Dips and 5 K2Es.
Tough WOD

Did 4 X 200M Row with a 100' Prowler push in between. I was done after that.

L. A. said...

I did not like this WOD today. I suck at the rings lately!!

^ Rounds + 2 Ring Dips

Did 200mm x 4
Also an hour later, I did 150 Situps

Fitness Estrella said...

5 rounds + 10 K2E and 5 burpees
then 200m row x 4
(used band for ring dips)

This workout didn't seem too bad at the time, but I felt it later in the day...learned a better way to use the band on ring dips...this should help in the future.

kq said...

(Did this on 1-29-14)
7 rounds + 5 Ring Dips + 2 K2E

Did 4x200m rows:

Good wod.
Thanks Jenette!