Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday May 12, 2010

1 Mile Run
2K Row
1 Mile Run

Please go to the gym and do this. Do not sub SDHP for the row. I really want to get you away from that and use the rower. The time on the Main site was 22:19 by Eric Seigel.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 21:28
1 Mile Run = 6:10
2K Row = 7:41 (1:55/500M pace)
1 Mile Run = 7:22
*15 seconds of transition.

*Note - About 10 seconds transition between run and row and 5 second transition between row and run.

This was a great workout! I loved it and felt great on the second run.

Jen B. said...

1 mile run (7:20)
2k row (9:58)
1 mile run (8:35)
Total time: 26:16

Wasn't too bad. I enjoyed this workout.

Jen B. said...

Did the Wallball/pullup workout from Monday.
time: 11:28

L. A. said...

Did Tues.,workout with my daughter Rachel. Don't have a wallball yet, So we Substituted with Air Squats with bumbbells....Rachel did Burpees instead of Muscle Ups, I converted 2RingDps & 2Pullups for 1-Muscle Up! Need to learn how to do them, cuz you waste a lot of time going back and forth on rings then pullups. Good workout though.

50 Air Squats w/bumbbells 2@5#'s
10 Converted- 2ring dips & 2Pullups = 1-M/U
40 A/Sq
8 Converted- 2ring dips & 2Pullups = 1-M/U
30 A/Sq
6 Converted- 2ring dips & 2Pullups = 1-M/U
20 A/Sq
4 Converted- 2ring dips & 2Pullups = 1-M/U
10 A/Sq
2 Converted- 2ring dips & 2Pullups = 1-M/U

Rachel 14:10
Leslie 19:46

Fitness Estrella said...

Good job Leslie. If you had 10 muscleups to do, then do 20 pullups and then 20 ring dips. You didn't need to go 2and2 then 2and2, ect. Good job and way to use your head and substitute exercises.

Anonymous said...

Needed a quick workout; it's Noah's bday...
7 rounds
7 thrusters
7 burpees
60lbs; 8:43
I had a really hard time getting through the Thrusters today.
03/28/10; 8:59, 60lbs
01/05/10; 9:17, 55lbs

Anonymous said...

Krista (05/29/10)

Did this at starpointe...I have never ran on a treadmill and my first mile proves that; it was 9:54(WTF!). 2k Row was 10:08 and my last mile, with adjustments, was 8:36. Transitioning was time counsuming too. Good cardio; my legs are wiped...!