Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday May 22, 2010

Robby's First Muscle Up! CONGRATS!


L. A. said...

Felt ok today so I attempted to do Fridays WO with Rachel. She did great, ME well there is always an issue...our run took about 1:24, I was just about to reach 200 singles and my rope broke at the handle, fix real quick broke again. I gave up. I just put something together so I could WO. This is what I though up.

100 Squats
100 Pullups (C2B)w/band
100 Situps
50 Pushups


Anonymous said...

5 rounds
20 kettlbells
20 burpees
20 sit ups
19:20 (previous 22:41; 09/07/09)

Felt ok; got straight through all KB and Sit ups but had to break burpees up 10 at a time... Sorry about your fall Leslie..

Jen B. said...

Did Thursday's wod. thought it was a good workout. Used more wt. on snatches and felt OK.

55# snatches
regular pullups
20" Box Jumps
14# wallball @ 8 ft.