Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday May 15, 2010

3 Rounds
25 Snatches (45#/75#)
25 Burpees

My brother Danny made the Main Site Page on Saturday May 15, 2010. (100515)
Check out the picture, Worldwide Handstands 2. He is the one labled Moscow.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 9:53
I wa dripping sweat. Great workout and worked my ass to get sub 10.

L. A. said...

OMG!!! I could of sold my sweat in a bucket...Not to stable with my form, it's hard when no one is helping you. My bar is 45#'s so I set it down on cinder blocks to raise it off the floor some. The Burpees kicked my butt. I can't fee....l my ASS!!! So I must have done it right.
Thanks for this workout!! Thought it seemed a bit heavy.


3 Rounds
25 Snatches 50#'s
25 Burpees

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good sweat...

Krista (05/16/10)

Snatches were good; had fun doing them...shoulders were burning...

Jen B. said...


Tough workout. Felt pretty good with the snatches. I was still pretty sore from the previous workout with deadlifts. good job girls! Leslie - you were only supposed to use 45# - no wonder it seemed heavy!

Anonymous said...

Sweet; I have seen that Moscow picture cool is that!?! :-)