Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday May 17, 2010

3 Rounds
500M Row
12 OH Squats (70/115)
50 Double Unders (200 Singles)

Check my brother out at Crossfit Santa Clara.
Here is the Picture: Danny

*Note: Please please try and do this at the Starpoint. Jump on the row machine, grab your bar for OHS (or use the smith machine) and bring your jumprope. Watch everybody stare at you in amazement. This will get people talking and want them to start doing it.

Also some words of encouragement. Keep up the great work. It has been a year for most of you and most of us can say, including me, "I am in the best shape of my life". Some may ask the question why? There are many reasons but to keep it simplified, it is because CrossFit does not cater to you. It does not hold your hand. It does not alter your workout. It does not make you THINK you can't do it. It does not let you criticize anyone. It does not say, "you can't do it". What it does do is COACH you. It is the conservative methodology. Everyone can do it! It's up to you! We have become so liberal that we as coaches have allowed society to get over weight. We cater to the obese. We hold their hand. We alter the workout so much that the client is not getting results.

Remember the begining? Some of you were 2, 3, 4 times slower (times) and only using half the weight. But what were you doing the same when compared to me? You were giving 100%. Everybody can give 100%! Just because you are overweight, out of shape and every other excuse, does not mean you can not give 100%. This is the key to the success. And it works.

I have seen 56 year old overweight clients do crossfit and now are ripped and competing in the games. I have seen crippled clients with many diseases do crossfit and are no longer crippled nor have some of the diseases once had (diabetes). It is not about how much weight you can throw above your head. It is about how much work you can do in the littlest time. It is called PRODUCTION! Something America has lost. Work, Produce and get RESULTS! It is about being Healthy! IT IS ABOUT BEING FIT!! Keep up the Great Work and encourage all to learn how to work again.

Remember my brother from California? Remember when he joined us? Remember he was going to do well, since he was a runner? Remember when he took three times as long in a running workout? Remember he puked all over? Now look at him. He has made it on the main site webpage. He also has made it on the CrossFit Santa Clara Website. Check it out.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 15:02
115# OHS
Double Unders

Again, DU's were the hardest most tiring exercise in this. I encourage all to learn how to do them. It makes a huge difference in workouts.

Double Unders seem to go ok, I just was running out of gas. I wanted Sub 15, maybe next time.

L. A. said...

Sorry Paul I still have an issue going to the gym by myself. So I did a different WO! Was able to complete all 7 Thrusters in RD 4&7, not sure what happened in between.


7 Rounds
7 Thrusters @65#'s(50#'s Prv cuz of shoulder)
7 Burpess

Jen B. said...


Great workout. My calves were on fire with the jumprope and rowing. Felt good on the OHS - I think I am finally getting the form down.

Anonymous said...

Jen: looking GOOD!!!

Paul: now you can be mad at me for subbing row with SDHP; can't go to gym, husband running and friend's son is staying over while she is working out of town... So, anyways, I saw Jen's post b4 I did this so I knew I had my work cut out for me when I started the 2nd round and peaked at my watch...5:47...yikes...

50 SDHP 35lbKB
12 OHS, 55lb; tried 60 in warm up and decided against it when wind whipped me back...
200 singles


Jen B. said...

Nice work Krista! 55lbs - I am impressed!
I was also impressed by Leslie's 65lbs on thrusters. Keep it up girls! We will have to get together for a workout soon!