Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday May 03, 2010

3 Rounds
500M Row
21 Kettlebell Swings (35#/53#)
12 Push Press (60#/95#)

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Monday March 15, 2010


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 10:17
55# Dumbbell
95# Push Press

Previous Time:
Paul - 10:23
50# Dumbbell (all I had)
95# Push Press

Fitness Estrella said...

Robby - 11:24
55# Dumbbell
95# Push Press

L. A. said...

I'm a little behind on the workouts, so I did Sundays today!!Wanted to break in my new Bumpers!
..45# Bar and a set of 10# bumpers...Hmmmm..What was I thinking,this was hard for me,used band last Round! Took Motorcylce ride for the last to days, legs were already toast from squeeze them tight to hold on from the strong wind we had Ha!Ha!

5 Rds
15 P/C's 65#'s
20 Pullups


Jen B. said...

Leslie - I did the same workout today. It did really suck. I couldn't do pullups after the 3 rnd, so the last 2 rounds did pushups.


12:09 (3 rounds)

James said...

11:10 as rx'd. Bought a Rower and am loving it!

L. A. said...

You still did a great job!! I had the band there waiting for me. Didn't want to give up!!

Jen B. said...

35# KB
55# Push press

Previous: 13:36 with 50# PP.
good workout. Had to put down the KB on rounds 2 and 3 @ 14. Put down weight once on push press the last round.

Anonymous said...

50 SDHP(for row); 35lb KB
35lb KB
60lb Push Press

SDHP were really hard for some reason and it has been awhile since I have used a real KB and flipped it over my head on the 2nd round...oops,kinda scary! Sweating bullets!