Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday May 21, 2010

400M Run
50 Double Unders (200 Singles)
50 Situps
40 Double Unders (160 Singles)
40 Situps
30 Double Unders (120 Singles)
30 Situps
20 Double Unders (80 Singles)
20 Situps
10 Double Unders (40 Singles)
10 Situps
400M Run

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Saturday February 13, 2010


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 14:58
Double Unders
I don't know what happened here except my situps were not anchored well. Oh well.

Previous Time:
Paul - 12:51
Double Unders

Anonymous said...

Mendi - 23:09

as Rx'd
I did DU for the entire workout and my calves are toast!
DU are killer but YAHOO!!!!! I did them!

previous times:
2/15/10 - 17:17 singles (rope kept getting tangled)
11/5/09 - 13:08 singles

Fitness Estrella said...

Wow! Right on Mendi. How many are you doing in a row? Are your foreamrs, bis and shoulders on fire as much as your calves? Great Job!

Fitness Estrella said...

Remember, you also only did 3X's the jumprope on 11/5/09 and did 4X's on 2/15/10.

Anonymous said...


I can do 15 in a row right now but I am doing a single between each double. Am I making them harder or easier? My calves are the only body part right now that are sore but I am sure tonight or tomorrow I will not be able to lift any of the kids. HeHe. I am so excited that I can do them finally and since I tried to do them Dan had to try them and he can do them also. He ROCKS!

Fitness Estrella said...

Awesome! That is a perfect way to learn and advance. This does make it easier though and why you are not fealing it in the arms. For instance doing 15 in a row takes you being able to keep your arms moving as fast as your jumps continuously.If your arms slow a little then your jump needs to be bigger or else..... Keep up the great work and slowly transition to doing them continuously.

L. A. said...

Did not attempt this today, could hardly walk today. Thought I should take a rest day Ha Ha!

Lisa Hobbs said...

14:31 singles