Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday April 27, 2010

500M Row
150 Double Unders (600 Singles)
50 Burpees


Anonymous said...

did different workout
4 rounds
10 burpees
7:49 45#

1 mile run 8:19 PR.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 10:48
Double Unders
Double Unders are getting great. I did 150 in less than 5 minutes. They still are unbelievably fatiguing.

L. A. said...

Bring on the SWEAT!!!! The Burpess are the worst in this wrkot for sure. I opt the Row for SDHP's, not bad at all, they felt the best!!! My Jumprope BROKE... 1/2 way through, had to stop the timer and tape it, dead center of the rope. It can only happen to ME!!! Nice job Paul!!

50 SDHP'S-45#'s 2:17
600 Singles 7:03
50 Burpess 5:09


Thank god for REST DAY!!!!

Anonymous said...


50 SDHP 45lbs 2:09
600 singles 6:50 (the wind was blowing my rope all over the place...)
50 burpees 4:18

Way to go on DU's Paul!! Thought about it... Too bad you broke your rope Leslie...way to go...yeah, only YOU!! Well, that's 4 wod's in a row for me; will take a nice REST tomorrow! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandra-congrats on your PR mile!! :-)

L. A. said...

Assume Krista!!! Thought I had u on this one, next time!Ha!Ha!

Fitness Estrella said...

You guys are all savage. Way to keep up the workouts and modify them to work for you. Ex: SDHP and the dips with the patio chairs. 45#'s is actually the RX'd weight for the SDHP when you sub for the row. If you realize, the times are almost identical. Keep up the good work and keep posting. Also don't hesitate to text me and ask questions. I am there for you.

L. A. said...

Forgot what you look like!!!Lol, it's seems so long ago we all worked out together!! working on making the rings, and just ordered my Bumper last night. 10, 15#'s for now!! Thanks for keeping us motivated.

Jen B. said...


Did the 500m row in 2:09, not sure about the rest.

Anonymous said...


thrusters 45#
KB 30#
pushups- regular ones :)
Felt good

kq said...

Did this WOD on 12/03/10:

50 SDHP 45lbs; 2:01
600 singles; 6:47
50 burpees; 4:06

Total: 12:54