Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday April 13, 2010



Anonymous said...

CrossFit paid off! Smoked my Air Force Fitness test!
Air Force Requirement's for female age 30-39:
1.5 mile run <16:23, my time: 14:23
14 push-ups in 1 min, did 30 push-ups in 1 min
29 crunches in 1 min, did 39 crunches in 1 min

Anonymous said...

Yay Sarah!!! Now you have to keep going and kill it for the next time too!! Congratulations Sarah!! :-)


Jen B. said...

Nice work Sarah! That is awesome!

L. A. said...

Way to go girl.!!!!

Anonymous said...

400M run
4 rounds
20 burpees
20 squats
20 push ups
20 sit ups
400M run

Push ups were the hardest for me; and I have no idea if my time is any good~seemed a bit long to me...it was fun...

Anonymous said...

Awesome Job Sarah!!! Your the BOMB girl!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! You rock!
Miss y'all,

Jen B. said...

Sandra, Mike L. and Sarah joined me this afternoon and we did the WOD from Sunday. Unfortunately the stopwatch didn't like being left in the sun and died on us, but we were pretty much all over 30:00. Tough workout, my arms are toast!
We all used a dumbell held behind our neck for the weighted run and everyone subbed the muscle-ups. We also did not use rings for the knees to elbows, singles for JR. Did 50# snatches - the weight felt light, but not too comfortable with that exercise yet.

L. A. said...

Sorry I couldn't make it today!! I did a WOD from Sept. I did Pushups instead of Pullups, no bar yet, working on it. The lunges got me this time,tough with heavy wieght!!!

AMRAP in 15m

6 rounds
100" Lunges (2/25# Dumdbells)
75 Singles
10 Pushups

Fitness Estrella said...

Great Job Sarah!
Jen use a bumper plate for your weighted run. Right behind your neck/back and hold onto it with hands over shoulders.

Mike L said...

65# Snatches could have done 10# more
30# Dumbell carried for the run
Ring Dips were sad, knees2elbows/pullups weren't much better
I was soooo slow, I could not believe it, probably 35 minutes.

Good to see Jen, Sarah, and Sandra.
Mike L