Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday April 10, 2010



Mike L said...

Hello all,
4/3 - Ran in Orange County for about 1 hour. Got lost. Covered about 4 miles.

4/4 - 3 hrs at the rock climbing gym. We need to put together a field trip! Great workout.

4/7 - 5K on Estrella Pkwy to Montecito and back. 26:49

4/8 - 400M run, 150 singles, 50 situps, 120 singles, 40 situps, 90 singles, 30 situps, 60 singles, 20 situps, 30 singles, 10 situps, 400M run. 20:10 Beat my last time by 8 seconds.

4/10 - 10K = 59:27 my 5K split = 27:42
Thought I was going to die...

I miss you all, but I am managing to stay busy.
Mike L

Jen B. said...

Wow. Good job Mike! No wonder you did not want to do a 2nd workout with us.
Did yesterday's WOD with Krista and Leslie
400m run/deadlifts/pullups.
110# DL

Previous 12:45 with 95# DL
Deadlifts and pullups are hard together, but not quite as bad as I remember. Deadlift weight was good. Ripped a blister on pullups - it's getting hot again...
Good to workout with Krista and Leslie again!

Anonymous said...

Mike L...WAY TO GO!!!Keep it up! (miss you too)

400M run
Deadlifts; 100lbs
Pull-ups; purple
14:16 (previous was 08/09 12:47; 75lbs; blue/purple bands!)
Actually felt pretty good on the deadlifts with this weight; finally. Pull-ups were pretty solid too. Jen looked phenomenal as did Leslie! Great-hard-workout. Thank you!
This was my 4th wod in a row-taking a rest tomorrow~maybe... :-)


L. A. said...

Way to go ladies, thank you for the workout Jen!! Miss our group Therpy with everyone!!
As usual you both kicked my butt!! The run was brutal most of all!!! The pullups felt great for once. Was very please today. Mike miss you to,way to go with Purple Band!! Ordered bar at (Gold's Gym 7ft-45#'s clips with S/H $52.95). Steves making Pullup Bar and BJ's!!


400m run
DL's 110#'s (10#'s more)
Pullups (no band)

Prev 15:15 How funny!!
DL's- 100#'s
No Band