Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday April 26, 2010

5 Rounds
3 Back Squats
20 Ring Dips

You can probably do this at any gym. Use the Smith Machine or squat rack. Go as heavy as you can with the back squats. Do regular dips if you do not have rings. If you do not have rings, think about making some soon.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 13:54
245# on a smith machine. May be only 225#. (had 2-45's and 1-10)

This was harder than I thought it would be. My squats were deep and the ring dips were pretty deep as well. Theese are my drawback and was only able to do 2 at a time my last round. I did 15 in a row to start the first round.

L. A. said...

Would have done much heavier weight if I used the machine, didnt want to go to the Gym, used to use about 80/100#'s. No place to dip there either!! So I settled for only 60#'s that's the heaviest I hv at home,that was very challenging to lift over your head after doing 20 Ring Dips!!! For those I used two patio high back chairs and piled all my DB's on each,so they wouldn't tip over. had to touch a bit with toes to push up!!


Back Squats 60#'s
Chair Dips - Almost a full dip

Anonymous said...

5 Rounds
25 SDHP/25lb plate(in place of 250M row)
5 box jumps
10 burpees
15 sit ups

4 rounds 11:40
5 rounds 14:12
Previous (with row 12/03/09)
4 rounds 12:44
5 rounds 16:00

Didn't have 35lb plate and 45lb bar/plate would have been very difficult. Was going to try back squat workout but couldn't get bar up and over my head (75lbs). So, did this wod was hot today...

Anonymous said...


I did 3 rounds
hang cleans 65#


Jen B. said...

85# Back Squat
Assisted ring dips (first 2 rounds had to push off ground with foot, then tried using a purple band, last 2 rounds used red band)

Very hard. First time trying out back squats - definitely need more practice with these. 100 ring dips is a lot!

Anonymous said...

Krista (04/29/10)
85# back squat
Regular dips

The dips were challenging and difficult (almost impossible), back squat was good; probably could have done 90-95lbs. Thanks Sandra! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh-and used a red band on the dips...still hard!!

Anonymous said...


85# back squat
Regular dips with red band

back squats felt good weight was all I could handle, Dips were hard, Could only do 1 or 2 in a row in the end even with a band,

Great seeing you Krista