Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday April 09, 2010

400M Run
Deadlifts (Body Weight)

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Sunday January 24, 2010


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 10:05
200# DL

My left calf is in pain. Might have strained it yesterday from BJ's and DU's. Feels like a small tear.

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Paul - 9:40

Fitness Estrella said...

Robby - 11:31
175# DL

Anonymous said...

Today I did:
3 Rounds
50 singles
40 squats
30 sit ups
20 push ups
10 push press: 45lbs
12:29; 45lbs; 12/09/09
13:11; 30lbs; 07/28/09

I don't know what the Rx weight is on the push press for this wod but, I remember the last time we did it, it killed our shoulders. Thought about doing 50lbs...thought about it. Next time will do it! :-)

Anonymous said...

Paul, how do you convert the row to SDHP? Also, when you have pull ups in a wod, what can I do to substitute for now?

Fitness Estrella said...

Hey Krista. Converting row to SDHP is 1 SDHP per 10M of row, Therefore 500M would be 50 SDHP. A 35# KB would be great to use for the SDHP otherwise use a 35# bar.

As far as pullups, there is nothing better than a pullup bar. I would deffinately try and find something to pull up on. A jungle gym, monkey bars, a tree or even a rope tied between 2 posts and do jumping pullups. Another way would be to make rings and screw 2 hooks into the ceiling of your garage (the hooks people use to store their bikes). Place the straps of the rings on the hooks and there you go. Do jumping pullups. You can also do the same with bands and find a place up high to secure them. Another great way to do it is to get a towel and wrap it around a tree limb. Hold onto the ends with a tight grip and pull up and away. This is more of a rope climb subsitute but uses all the same muscles.
Let me know if I can help any more.

I can finally say Jen and I just went to our first NASCAR Race. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul...hope you and Jen had fun! Jack and Noah are going tonight... Will prob get pull up bar in garage in the next month or so just have to clean it up and then can set up with equip. Excited!

Jen B. said...

110# DL

Previous 12:45 with 95# DL
Deadlifts and pullups are hard together, but not quite as bad as I remember. Deadlift weight was good. Ripped a blister on pullups - it's getting hot again...

Anonymous said...

100lbs; purple band

Previous was 12:47; 75lbs; blue/purple bands! (August 09). Deadlifts actually felt good and pull ups too; especially since I haven't done either one in quite a while. Great workout...

James said...

You guys are savages!! 17:20 as rx'd. 22# DL

Fitness Estrella said...

I forgot to mention my weight. 185# Did 200# since that is what I did last time.