Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday March 10, 2010


1000M Row
50 Thrusters (45/30)
30 Pullups

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Thursday December 10, 2009

Leslie, Krista, Odilia, Sandra, Jen, Mike L. and Paul



Fitness Estrella said...

Did this yesterday at the station going off duty.
Paul - 7:04
Felt good and could have pushed harder. Had to run from the bays into the weight room to finish my pullups.

Previous Time:
Paul - 7:59

Mike L said...

11:04 45# thrusters

Rowing felt great. Thrusters slowed me down, too many breaks. Pullups were good, went from 10 at a time to 1 at a time, but didn't rest too long and form felt good.

Great times ladies. You were pushin' it!
Mike L

Anonymous said...

9:35, 30lb Thrusters, Purple Band
9:42, 30lb Thrusters, Red Band (Previous)

Row was not too bad although my legs were like jello when I started the Thrusters but knew I had to push through them bad...
Way to push each other Sandra and Jen; it was great to watch you both...Mike and Odilia you two did a great job! Leslie; thanks for your unconditional support! :-)

Jen B. said...

30# thrusters

Good workout! Hard! Thanks for the extra push Sandra! Legs were jell-o after the row, arms were jell-o after the pull-ups.

Previous times:
12:01 (Nov. 10-used 35#)
11:21 (July 29-30# and purple band)
11:21 (

L. A. said...

Anytime Krista!! The row slowed me down this time!! Didn't warm up fast enough. The thursters felt real good, way to push Krista!!!
You all have come a long way!!! Knocked off about 3mins!! I take that Yeah

Purple Band

(Prv just under 12min)
Purple Band

Sandra R said...

10:28 purple band
30# thrusters

My chest was hurting until I went to bed. Jen your a tough girl to keep up with. Thanks for the push,

Anonymous said...

Sarah 14:07
Red Band
30# thrusters

Did this WOD yesterday.