Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday March 27, 2010

Make Up Day.

Row 5K

Post times for 2K and 5K.

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Sunday December 27, 2009


Fitness Estrella said...

Did this Wednesday March 24, 2010.
Paul - 19:13 5K Meters
- 9:35 2500 Meters
- 7:36 2000 Meters

Previous Times:
Paul - 19:07 5K Meters
- 7:21 2000 Meters

Anonymous said...

Krista (Did this 03/21/10)
2K 10:02 (10:37 previous)
5K 27:03 (28:29 previous)
Will do different workout and post later...

Mike L said...

Ran 9K
5K=28:12 Ran the new part of Westar. Contractors made me detour through the desert, including two ravines.
6th K = 6:09
7th K = 6:08
8th K = 6:25
9th K = 6:33
Total = 53:27
Have a great weekend,
Mike L

Jen B. said...

3 rounds
6 modified handstand pushups
6 clean & Jerks (65#)
10 burpees
Time: 7:51
I really was not into the workout today. Glad it was quick, but not easy.

Jen B. said...

Did this on 3/30/10
5K - 25:32
2K - 9:55

5k - 26:00
2k - 10:12

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