Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday February 23, 2010

Squat Cleans
Knees to Elbows

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Tuesday December 15, 2009

I encourage everybody to visit http://www.crossfit.com/ and watch the dailay videos. (usually two and are usually under 2 minutes long and very educational) View Mondays videos and go from there.

Leslie, Krista, Sarah, Odilia, Sandra, Jen and Mike L.



Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 8:56
Always HARD!

Previous Time:
Paul - 9:44

L. A. said...

Talk about a sweat workout,this was it!! Didn't feel comfortable with 60#'s,if I was able to add more wieght by the second RD I would of. Instead I used 55#'s,Five more pounds then last time.Shaved off 1min from previous time!! Mike what happened,I think u were thinking to much about this workout.

10:08>>> 11:07
55#'s>>> 50#'s

Mike L said...

Mike L 11:03 with 70#
Last time 9/13/09 = 19:38 with 70#
I'll take an 8.5 minute reduction anytime!
This workout is so tough on the arms. Weight was good, need to take less rest before I take on more. Want to keep pushing the knees-to-elbows.

Next time Leslie.

Nice effort ladies.
Mike L

Anonymous said...

9:32 60lbs
11:58 60lbs (12/15/09)
Much stronger on the KE this time; the first 21 squat cleans were super hard, my legs are tired from all the running/rowing! Was happy to get down to the 9...Odilia was right with me on the first 21 too; great job!! Sarah has killer KE! Thanks for your encouragement Mike L, Sarah, Jen and Odilia..

Jen B. said...

9:34 60#
9:49 60# (12/20/09)
My forearms were on fire after the first round. Tried not spend too much time resting. Glad I was able to beat my previous time. I was impressed with how well everyone did with these 2 exercises. They are both equally tough and even worse to do together!

Sandra R said...

11:49 I think

60# Weight was good, KE, only my second time doing them, they need work!! Lost all my energy after the first round. I am going through sugar withdraws at this time.

Anonymous said...


8:13 60#
what a hard workout! Lungs were burning after along with forearms and legs.

Fitness Estrella said...

Did Khalipa's Workout #5.
Paul - 8:42
Double Unders

Fun Workout and my DU's screwed me. Took 2:15 to finish them.

Anonymous said...

Sarah 16:13
This workout was so tough, I struggled through it. 50# felt so heavy, I couldn't do more than one SC at a time. KE's have improved alot, thanks for the compliment Krista!