Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday, February 04, 2010

10 Deadlifts, 200m Run
9 Deadlifts, 200m Run
8 Deadlifts, 200m Run
7 Deadlifts, 200m Run
6 Deadlifts, 200m Run
5 Deadlifts, 200m Run
4 Deadlifts, 200m Run
3 Deadlifts, 200m Run
2 Deadlifts, 200m Run
1 Deadlift, 200m Run

Body Weight for Deadlifts.

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Friday September 11, 2009

Please view CrossFit Santa Clara and watch the video posted today. Also look at the website. There is alot you can take away from this smart guy, named Jason.

Leslie, Krista, Odilia, Sandra, Jen, Mike L. and Paul



Jen B. said...


Previous 12:45 90#

Seemed more intense than I remember. Sweating bullets right now. Used a little more weight, but really focused on my form. The weight actually felt easier...

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 10:22
Good workout and makes you sweat alot. Good workout for recovery of the last week.

Previous Time:
Paul - 11:00

Anonymous said...

Ran both lakes (2.8 miles) 28 min

Mike L said...

Mike L - 12:05 with 100# DL
No burpees, situps, or, after last week, no thrusters... I LIKE IT! I also like count-down workouts that end with running.

No problem with the weight. If the back feels good next time, 110#. Took a couple of rounds to warm up to the running.

On 9-11-09, 13:05 with 90#. Works for me.

Didn't hear much grunting, maybe tomorrow. Great job pushing yourselves,
Mike L

L. A. said...

Workout was great, and yes I was sweating buckets!!! Run felt good. used 10#'s more this time. Great job on your weight everyone!!

13:46 (14:51)Prv.
100#'s (90#'s)Prv.

Sandra R said...

felt really good on the weight.
Great job passing me up Krista. Tried not to let ya, but you were determined!!

Anonymous said...

12:56, 95lbs
13:26, 80lbs (previous)
Weight was actually ok; still trying to get the right form!! Got stronger on the runs as the workout went on. Everyone did great; I really thought you would pass me back up Sandra! :-)