Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010


If anyone wants to do yesterday's workout, Jen will host a workout sometime in the afternoon. Just post or text Jen if interested.


Jen B. said...

Did yesterday's workout

1st 800m - 3:14
2nd 800m - 3:16
3rd 800m - 3:23
4th 800m - 3:25

total time: 22:53

previous: 3:33, 3:39, 3:31, 3:34

Mike L said...

Mike L
5K 27:48
I think that is a PR. Today's run was all work. Seemed like the wind was always in my face. Kept trying to keep up the pace one light pole at a time.
Last time 2/21 = 28:28
Practicing for a 5K on 3/21.

Sorry I didn't see your post sooner Jen. I had planned to do this run since earlier this week.
Mike L

Fitness Estrella said...

Deadlift 1.5X's BW (280#)
Bench Press 1X's BW (185#)
Squat Cleans .75X's BW (140#)
I weighed in at 183.6#'s
Paul - 24:52
First time doing this workout and WOW. It was an awesome workout and very fatiguing. It makes you keep pushing. Happy with the results.

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