Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

7 Rounds
7 Thrusters (60/95)
7 Burpees

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Monday June 01, 2009

Krista, Odilia, Sarah, Mike L., Mike C. and Paul



Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 6:22

Took 2:14 off.
Felt good but tough. I concentrated knocking the first 3 rounds out as fast as I could.
3 rounds = 2:03.
Also tough after doing similar workout yesterday.

Previous Time:
Paul - 8:36
This was on June 01, 2009

Fitness Estrella said...

I just wanted to post how impressed I am with everyone. I also want you to be assured, that I want you to only do weight that is comfortable to you and will allow to push more. I had been doing CF for 6 months with the same weight (prescribed) when I did this workout for the first time. My time was 8:36. There is many of you who have been doing CF for 6 months now and increased weight tremendously and still are around 9 minutes. At 9 minutes = 1:17 per round. Thats power.
At 6 months in, the weight you are using is perfect, unless you have specific goals.
Great Job.

Anonymous said...

9:17; 55lbs.
Weight was ok until the last 2-3 rounds. Not too bad though; easy to say that now!
Jen - I bet you will beat me and (maybe) Mike L. He wouldn't let me catch him!! :-) I seemed to stay about 2 reps behind.
Everyone did awesome!!

Mike L said...

Mike L - 9:09
Couldn't have done it without Krista and Mike C setting the pace. Great job. Six months ago = 17:01.

65# thrusters - good weight
burpees - tried to do about 10 quick ones, but then had to slow the pace so I could perform the thrusters without resting.

Fun workout. It is so great seeing Sarah and Odelia's improvement in form and time.

Mike L

Anonymous said...

Sarah 11:10
30#, next time more weight

Jen B. said...


previous 12:15 with 50#

Very HARD!!!!

Anonymous said...

45# last time I did thrusters with 50# I strained my shoulder.
I feel good now but sucking wind @ the time.

Anonymous said...


9:50 50#

thrusters were not bad, it was the burpees that slowed me down.

Anonymous said...


Jen B. said...

On 3/29/10:
Jen 12:22 (60#)
Odilia 13:06 (50#)
Sarah 14:45 (45#)