Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday January 12, 2010

4 Rounds
400M Run
20 Pushups
15 Double Unders (60 Singles)
10 Clean and Jerks
5 Ring Dips

Krista, Leslie, Sarah, Odilia, Sandra, Jen, Mike L., Ian and Paul



Anonymous said...

oh great! :-)

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 20:51
Double Unders
135# C&J
Awesome Workout. Fatiguing workout as a whole.

Jen B. said...

60# C&J
Pretty tough workout. C&J's felt good. Ring dips are a challenge and the last round of pushups were a killer.

Joshua said...

I have been out with a nasty cold. Hopefully I can make it on thursday.
I tried the Squat, pushup, situp: on the minute, every minute, workout. It was hard.
round 12: 6 situps(my situps are slow)
round 13: 10 pushups
round 20: 20 squats

Mike L said...

C&J 70#, Jumproped singles
Who is the !#%#* that put the idea of ring dips in Paul's head!

C&J weight was a challenge. My arms are GONE. Singles actually went pretty well today. I did a couple of good ring dips, but most were with toes touching the ground. Tried to use a lot of arm strength.

Ian, welcome. Good job. That was a bunch of weight!

Jen, the pullup challenge is ON! Details? # in one minute? # before you stop? How long to do 50? I'm thinking chin must touch bar (or go above bar).
Mike L

Anonymous said...

C&J 40#
Jumprope singles
Substituted the ring dips for stationary dips.
Tough WOD!
Great job everyone!

Anonymous said...

60# First time on clean and jerks.


Anonymous said...

60lbs C&J; Singles.
Tough workout.
Ring dips are challenging-can do 3 semi-good ones and then last 2 feel like I can barely dip and extend back up. C&J's were tough; I thought the push-ups would kill me the most but I think it was the C&J's. Everyone did amazing! Thanks for the run after Mike! :-)