Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday January 09, 2010

100' Lunges

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Monday November 30, 2009

Roster: Jen, Mike L., Leslie


Jen B. said...

No Band

Much better than my previous time of 15:55 with no band. I even beat my time previous to that using the purple band-14:04.
Thanks Mike and Leslie for sticking around to push me through it. You guys did great! My arms are Jell-O! Don't htink I'll be using them for the rest of the day...

L. A. said...

It was nice to be back. The workout woke me up. Jen wiped Mike an I's butt's today, way to go. Mybe even Paul's.

Purple Band

Mike L said...

15:16 5 seconds faster the 11/30
Interesting workout. No weights so it's just me against gravity. I'll have to work on speeding up and fewer breaks in my pullups.

Welcome back Leslie. Well done everyone.
Mike L

Fitness Estrella said...

I did Monday January 11, 2010 Workout while on duty.
3 Rounds
500M Row
21 KB
12 Push Press

Paul - 10:31
55# Kettlebell (dumbbell)
95# Push Press
Everything felt great. I remembered it hurt much more then it did this time.

Previous Time:
Paul - 10:59
50# Kettlebell (dumbbell)
95# Push Press

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 10:28
Did this Monday January 11, 2010.
I felt great and pullups felt strong.

Previous Time:
Paul - 10:48