Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thursday December 24, 2009

12 Days of Christmas on Christmas Eve (A Preview)

12 Knees to Elbows
11 Overhead Squats (95/55)
10 Situps
9 SDHP (95/55)
8 Pushups
7 Deadlifts (Body Weight)
6 Pullups
5 Kettlebells (53/35)
4 Burpees
3 Squat Cleans (95/55)
2 Box Jumps (24"/20")
1 Clean and Jerk (95/55)

Do 1 C&J, then 2 Box Jumps and 1 C&J, then 3 Squat Cleans and 2 Box Jumps and 1 C&J, then 4.... Until you complete all 12 days of Christmas.


Leslie, Krista, Odilia, Jen, Mike L., Mike B. and Paul



Joshua said...

rounds 1-12: 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, 66, 78.
364 reps in total.
Sounds fun. =/

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 24:34
OH Squats = 95#
SDHP = 95#
DL = 185#
KB = 50#
Squat Cleans = 95#
Box Jumps = 25"
C&J = 95#

Fun Workout. Last 2 rounds took over 10 minutes. All good weight. Deadlifts were by far the hardest.
Did this on 12/23/09.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Should be interesting...Krista

Jen B. said...

OH Squats 30#
SDHP 50#
DL 95#
KB 35#
Squat Cleans 50#
Box Jumps 20"
C&J 50#
All the weight felt pretty good. Deadlifts were hardest weight, then pullups. Merry Christmas!

L. A. said...

I can't catch my breath just reading this!!! Great job Jen and Paul!!Was thinking it would take at least 40mins....U both have set the Bar High.

Anonymous said...

OHS 30lbs (good)
SDHP 50lbs (not bad)
DL 95lbs (hard)
KB 35lbs (good)
SC 50lbs (good)
Box Jumps 20"
C&J 50lbs (good)
Deadlifts were hard for me and knees to elbows are nearly impossible for me to do...felt great to get done and was fun!!
Merry, Merry Christmas everyone!

Mike L said...

A sick mind dreamt that workout up!
Mike L
OHS 30 lbs
SDHP 65 lbs
DL 95 lbs
KB 50 lbs
SC 65 lbs
Box Jumps 24"
C&J 65 lbs

Everything went pretty well. Weights were good. No band pull ups have never been better. Knees2Elbows were doable. You all are just fast.
Merry Christmas to all,
Mike L

L. A. said...

Merry @*%!%&....Christmas workout!!, Never mind putting it in the top 5 Worst workouts!!
IT WAS THE WORST WORKOUT!!!!!!! Felt great afterwards though. Thanks Mike for the extra push, wouldn't have been able to keep everythg in order!!! Good job everyone. i would have to say the Knee to Elbows seemed the worst 4 me!

OHS- 30#'s
DL- 95#'s
KB- 35#'s
C/J- 50#'s
B/J- 21"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the WOD Burgee. I did it at the station on xmas. I the subbed box jumps for HSPUs (been trying to hit those more often), chest to bar pullups, and 225 on DLs. Everything else was Rxd. Time was 32:21. Hope you has a great holiday with the fam. See ya soon buddy