Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday December 19,2009

50 Wallballs (20/12)
400M Run
40 Double Unders (160 Singles)
400M Run
30 Kettlebells (53/35)
400M Run
20 OH Lunges (Waiter Walks) (25/15)
400M Run
10 Box Jumps (24"/20")

Leslie, Jordan, Jen, Mike L., Josh, Dan, Andy, Matt, Ian and Paul



Mike L said...

50 low Wallballs 14#
160 singles Jmp Rp - good once warmed up
30 KBs 50#
20 OH lunges 25# - always hard for me
10 24" box jumps - easier this time
16:18 not bad for a 54 yr old
Mike L

L. A. said...

Where were you Mr Mike!! Why to go Mike. Good job Josh!! Great workout for the legs. Wallballs weren't bad!! Want to see all the other GIRLS TIMES!! Ha! Ha!

WB's- 12#'s
KB - 35#'s
Lunges- 15#'s
BJ's- 21"


Joshua said...

like 19:13 or something
14# WB @ 10.5ft
160 singles
45# Kettlebell
25# lunges
24" Boxjumps
-Wallballs were "okay" since it was the first excersize. I felt like I was going down all the way and then som on everyone.
-I tried to do doubles on this since paul was telling me to, but only did like 1 or 2. I was to exhausted to keep going.
-first time doing 45# ketlebells, felt the extra 5#.
- Lunges were a bit tough. I had to take a breather a couple times.
-Box jumps were a nice easy finish. <3 boxjumps

Jen B. said...

14# WB @ 8'
35# KB
15# OH lunge
21" box jumps
The last 25 WBs were tough, the rest of the exercises not too bad. Great times everyone!

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 13:30
WB = 20# @ 10.5'
Double Unders (2nd time in a workout) did 14 in a row and no less then 4 in a row.
KB = 50#
Lunges = 25#
BJ = 24"

Seemed like an easy workout but good after last nights party.

Fitness Estrella said...

I forgot to mention that there were 4 military 21 year olds that thought these were grandma workouts. They all have done CF before but I challenged them to beat my time. They all had a reality check and changed their mind after.
Thanks for coming out and stay safe.