Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday November 04, 2009

Squat Cleans (65/95)
Push Press (65/95)
Squat Cleans (90/135)
Handstand Pushups

Krista, Odilia, Jen, Mike L. and Paul



Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 13:14
Squat Cleans 135 lbs.
Handstand Pushups

Did this On Duty 11/02/09.
Very Hard!

Fitness Estrella said...

Did yesterdays Workout.
Paul - 13:04

Mike L said...

Squat Cleans and Push Press 60lbs. = 7:32
Felt really good, 5-10 lbs more next time. Hit myself in the chin during the push presses. I must be doing something right!

Great job Krista and Odelia. See you next time.
Mike L

Anonymous said...

50 lbs.; 9:08
Squat cleans still hard, but feel better with the bar and my form. Push press not too bad. Mike L. just blew through this!!
Way to go Odelia!


Anonymous said...

Hey guy's sorry I keep missing the workouts but I have been getting home after seven… Thirteen hour days of working bliss.. Hopefully things settle down again in a couple of weeks, but on the bright side Krista can finally beat me since I’m not there! Just kidding Krista!


Anonymous said...

I didn't want to try squat cleans on my own, so I did Sundays workout. The burpees were hard

kq said...

10:33; 65lbs Rx'd

SC were pretty tough, couldn't do more than 2-3 in a row; sometimes just one at a time. Got to 15 on the first set of PP and finished out. Not sure about the 15; I put bar down once and then finished up all 9 on the last round.