Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday November 27, 2009

200M Run, 10 Deadlifts
200M Run, 9 Deadlifts
200M Run, 8 Deadlifts
200M Run, 7 Cleans
200M Run, 6 Cleans
200M Run, 5 Cleans
200M Run, 4 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 3 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 2 Clean and Jerks
200M Run, 1 Overhead Squat

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Wednesday September 23, 2009

Leslie, Krista, Sarah, Jen, Mike L., Mike B. and Paul



Anonymous said...

14:41, 60lbs; previous 15:43, 60lbs.
8:09 mile after (previous that I could find):

9:36 (10/16)
8:44 (09/17)
10:42 (08/05)
10:20 (07/28)
My best is 7:53(?) but I can't find it. I ran it when Tracy was still here; we finished together.


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 11:30
135 lbs.
I like this workout. Thanks group for the push.

Previous time:
Paul - 12:15
140 lbs.
Why I used 140 lbs., I don't know.

Fitness Estrella said...

Krista, 10/16 was not a mile run. It was a time for doing 4 rounds of our workout. Your time of 8:44 was the last time we did the mile run (when I ran my fastest), which was on 09/17. You did the mile run with Tracey on 07/31 in 9:56. I also have a link for "mile run" now.
Here are your dates and times:
8:09 (11/27)
8:44 (09/17)
10:42 (08/05)
9:56 (07/31)
10:20 (07/28)

Mike L said...

You sure are fast for not being "morning people."
14:18 with 70# (better the 9/22 by 45 secs.)
Made the mistake of suggesting a post-workout run. Jen suggests a mile. Why did I ask? Anyway, the outcome was good. Lowered my time from 8:59 (7/31) to 7:43 today. Holy Moly. I remember the 8:59 feeling like an accomplishment! I kept trying to not let Jen get further ahead... good goal with not much success. Well done Krista and Jen.
Mike L (Morning Person)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul & Jen for taking the time out of your evening for my workout. You are both awesome!
Much appreciated,

Jen B. said...

13:56 with 60#
Previous time was 15:20 with same weight. Thanks Mike L.- couldn't have done it that fast if you weren't on my tail the entire time. The mile run was good - pretty much tied my last time of 7:10 (7:11 today). Great job to everyone!

L. A. said...

Was not able just yet to lift over head,shoulder still hurts. So I did Dead lifts.
Hang in there Mike you did great, don't give up. The hardest part is over YOU CAME BACK Ha! Ha! It was nice meeting you.

With a 200m run between

14:42 Yeah!!