Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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100' Lunges

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Tuesday September 01, 2009

Leslie, Krista, Sandra, Jen, Mike L. and Paul


Anonymous said...

Nice to be back!

Red band (yay!!) Blue/Purple combo last time.
15:32 (I think).

I added about a minute to my time but used harder band.

Mike way to go!!! I couldn't catch you; you killed those pull-ups on PURPLE!!
Sandra; you did awesome and you were right, you did use blue last time so WAY TO GO!!
Leslie; once again a SOLID workout!

See you all Friday!

Mike L said...

It is great to be back! Last time, 16:18 with BLUE, today 14:58 with Purple, life is GOOD... although my arms are shaking as I type.

Leslie, I'm there for ya, sweat and all. Krista, thanks for the push... you were catching up. Sandra, great workout, your pull ups are very powerful, keep at it.

L. A. said...

Thanks guys, you all did extremely well!!!! That was hard. Sandra great job on Red, krista way to go, pullups look so.......much better. Glad to see u back in the swing of things.
I guess I took a bit more off my time then I thiught Yeah!! My hips r sore.

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Purple Band

Anonymous said...

19:51(I think) red band

previous time 19:26 blue band


Anonymous said...

Mendi 11:20
then I did 15 minutes of stair steps level 7.
I did the pullups with machine assist 70#.

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 11:56
I was able to do all pullups of every set in a row.

I thought I kicked ass but was 31 seconds slower then last time. I was because we walked 50 feet to and 50 feet from the lunges whereas last time we did them from inside the garage. I figured this to be 7 rounds (6 of them round trip) or 650 feet of extra walking and a slower time. 650 feet is just over 200M. So you can assume to take 1 - 2 minutes off your time. In other words you all did excellent.

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Anonymous said...

Dana 22:54 Blue in my house with new pull up bar. I had some trouble working out how to get the band on and for some reason I couldn't do more than three in a row then one then one etc pull ups. Pulls ups at home are going to take some getting used to!