Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

3 rounds
500m Row
21 Kettlebell Swings (35#/53#)
12 Push Press (60#/95#)

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Thursday July 30, 2009

Leslie, Dana, Mike L. and Paul



Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 10:59
50 lb. KB
95 lb. Push Press

It was just as hard as it was last time. This just seems to kick my butt. The previous time I was racing against my Captain who I beat by 9 secs. Must be why I was quicker with more weight.

Previous Time:
Paul - 10:45
55 lb. KB
95 lb. Push Press

Mike L said...

I sometimes do my best when I come to workout feeling stiff/tight/yuk... alas, today was a good workout.
40 lb kb, 55 lb push press, 12:00
weight felt good, 5 lbs more next time on each
Mike L.

Dana said...

I like this workout a lot. Rowing is getting minorly less painful.
26lb kb, 40 lb push press, 14:40

I am having trouble trying to post from my Blackberry. Does anyone know how to solve that. I can sign into my blog account but it won't let me type in the post section.

L. A. said...

This was a bit easier this time. The row didn't bother as much, the push press did. I was sore from Fridays wrkot!! Good job guys.

14:34 (previous 15:33)
35# KB(same)
50#'s (previous 45#'s)

Jen B. said...

35# KB
50lb push press

previous time 14:45
Didn't beat my last time. I am going to attribute that to being interrupted by 2 little boys the entire workout.

Sandra R said...

Did this workout on 10/27
50# Push press
30 # KB

Fitness Estrella said...

Did this again on duty 11-08-09.
Did 3 rounds of:
500M Row
21 KB 55 lbs.
12 Push Press 95 lbs.
Paul - 10:55
Steve - 9:41
Miguel -13:48