Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday October 11, 2009

20 - 15 - 10
400M Run

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Monday August 24, 2009

Leslie, Jen and Paul



Jen B. said...

13:36 90#

This was extremely difficult after the run yesterday. I could hardly do my pullups at all. The running was OK after the first round. I will definitely take my rest day tomorrow.

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 10:08
185 lbs.

I need a rest day!

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Paul - 10:05
185 lbs.

L. A. said...

This workout was a bit easier this time, I think my form was much better. Took about 2min's off my time from previous time!! Yeah.
Jen u did great as well, I wasn't to off with your time Paul, I guessed you would in about 10:05!! Great job. Now take a REST DAY!!!!
Thanks Guy"s.

13:01 (previously 14:57)
90#'s (Same last time)

Anonymous said...

dl 65#x2 then 85# x1
I did better than I thought this was my 1st time doing deadlifts. Thankfully Dan watched my form so it felt good.
Good workout,