Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday October 17, 2009

100 Burpees

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Friday May 29, 2009

No Class Today.
Soccer games and Jenna's Birthday.


kq said...

Hope Jenna had a fabulous birthday!!

10:31; 100 Burpies
3:13; 310 singles (jump rope)

Very hard, my whole body is tired from last night.

L. A. said...

Great job Krista!!

Dana said...

Dana 10:39 100 Burpies

Fitness Estrella said...

Dana, a burpee is all the way to the ground with your entire torso laying flat against the ground. The standards say if you do a pushup and do not lay completely on the ground it doesnt count.

Great job to everybody. Savage Times!

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 6:26
Much harder then I remember.
1:51 @ 40
2:30 @ 50

Miguel has been doing this for a month and a half on duty with me and he got a time of 6:44. Amazing, he has come a long way.

Jen B. said...

previous 10:00

Anonymous said...


kq said...