Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday October 10, 2009

Cactus Cha Cha 7 Mile Trail Run.

(10K Run + .8 miles)

Set a goal for your time and make it happen.
You should be faster then ever before.

Post Times!

Sandra, Jen, Mike C. and Paul

2009 Cactus ChaCha Trail Run Results

This was such a great experience for me. As you all know I have never competed in a race before. I also have not ran over 5 miles. After this 7 mile trail run, it has sold me to do it every year. I encourage all of you that did not participate in the run to do it next year. The best thing was being on trails and not that perfect flat surface. This was the real deal. Hills, washes, rocks, boulders, sand, narrow paths and deer. Not only was it true life, it was not ridiculously long. We train to be good at everything, not just one sport. We can still compete even though we do not train at a long slow pace with no variance in speed. Anything longer can be fun but needs a different training style, which ultimately makes us lack performance in stregnth, flexibility, coordination and ect. What a blast! Great job Sandra, Mike C. and Jen.



Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 55:48
7:58 Pace Per Mile.
24th Place for Males.

This was much different then running on the road and I loved it. It made it real. This was so much fun I am planning on doing it every year. My goal was to be under 55:00. I am very pleased however with my time. I could have made that 48 seconds up. I planned to go hard the last 1.5 miles and missed the 5 mile marker. Oh well. I also have a better idea how to run 7 miles. Great first experience.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for the official times to be posted on the website, but I was around 1hr 17 minutes. I beat my last year time by at least 2 1/2 minutes. It was fun. Great job Jen, Mike and Paul. I will be back in the game this week and start working out with you guys again.


Fitness Estrella said...

The official times are up.
I will put a link to it.
I actually showed me as 25th place for males.

Jen B. said...

9:50 Pace per Mile
31st place for females

This was fun. I really wasn't sure how I would do, but was hoping to be under 10:00 per mile. It was a great experience. We may have to try a half marathon next!