Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday September 03, 2009



"On Duty"
Squat Cleans
Ring Dips


Jen B. said...

Did a 5k run today since I missed the bike ride on Sunday.

Time: 25:49

Previous 5k was 25:32

Anonymous said...

I have talked to some of you about the White tanks trail run in October. It is a 7 mile all trail run and it is a pretty good run. I have ran it the last 2 years. My goal is to beat my previous year time. If any of you are interested the website is It is on Oct 10th.


Jen B. said...

Of course that is the only Saturday I am working in October. Maybe I can get part of my shift covered. It sounds like fun, especially since we are not doing Flagstaff due to the Kid's Triathalon. Anyone else signing up their kid for the triathalon?

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 11:48
Squat Cleans (135 lbs.)
Ring Dips

Very Hard!

Anonymous said...


I am game and it sounds like Jen is also!