Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday September 26, 2009

No Class Today.
Jenna has a Triathalon.

"Well as a proud father I want to cry. Jenna did so well and she learned a great thing today. NEVER GIVE UP AND ALWAYS FINISH. Jenna ran hard and was in 7th place overall after the run. During the transition to bike she came out in 3rd. By the time she turned on the sidewalk on the lake, she was in 1st place. At about a third way around the lake she was a good 300 feet in front when her chain fell off. I put it back on and she took off. She had caught back up to the leader when her chain fell off again. I put it back on and within 100 feet it fell off again. It wouldn't go back on this time. I tried and tried and she was just going to run with the bike to finish, when I finally was able to get it back on. She then rode very slowly to make it in. She jumped into the pool and through the finish line. She did it. Although she wanted 1st overall and on a pace of about 11:00 minutes she learned she is to work hard and finish however she can. I am proud of her."

Make up a workout that includes Biking, Running and Swimming and time yourself.
Try to do all 3 and if you can't, do 2 of these and between the 2 exercises do a body weight exercise (gymnastics). Post workout and times. Make it a 30 - 60 minute workout (continuous).

Ex. - Run 2 Miles, Bike 5 Miles and Swim 400M.
Ex. - Run 2 Miles, do 50 Pushups and 50 Situps and Bike 5 Miles.
Ex. - Run 1 Mile, do 100 Box Jumps and Bike 3 Miles.


Mike L said...

Jenna ROCKS!

Got together with some of my mountain biking buddies and went riding this morning south of Westar. Did 8 miles with 800 feet of elevation change in just under 2 hours. Would have been faster, but we tried to stay together. You know, not everyone can keep up with us crossfitters.

Anonymous said...

Awesome job Jenna!! The way you pushed regardless of problems shows your true strength and how great a competitor you are! Way to go!

Sorry I couldn’t ride with you guy's this morning... Just got back from the workout, ran three miles in 24 flat and did 50 pushups and 50 setups followed by a 6 mile ride in 37 mins.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Ms. Jenna!! I think you zipped by me on your bike while I was doing my run!!(2.75mi)