Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday September 11, 2009

10 Deadlifts, 200M Run
9 Deadlifts, 200M Run
8 Deadlifts, 200M Run
7 Deadlifts, 200M Run
6 Deadlifts, 200M Run
5 Deadlifts, 200M Run
4 Deadlifts, 200M Run
3 Deadlifts, 200M Run
2 Deadlifts, 200M Run
1 Deadlift, 200M Run

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Wednesday July 01, 2009

Leslie, Krista, Jen, Dana, Mike L., Mike C. and Paul


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 11:00
185 lbs.

Previous Time:
Paul 11:20
195 lbs. (body weight)

Anonymous said...

See you all tonight; can't wait!!


Dana said...

70lbs; 15:31 (not sure about the seconds-need to see the picture to check that. It was hard. Jen has these amazingly long strides when she runs.

I got some kind of sick satisfaction out of dropping that big bar on its bumpers on the last one of each set. Hope all you guys and gals have fun tonight. I was thinking that I wouldn't be back till Thursday because of stuff going on but I realize the next workout day is Sunday unless Paul is having that off so maybe I will see all of you on Sunday. Good luck tonight.

Jen B. said...

90 lbs

Last time was 13:25 with 80 lbs.

You did a great job Dana! Have fun tomorrow night, you deserve it.

Mike L said...

13:05 with 90 lbs
It's good to be back. I was worried I'd lost my momentum. Glad I showed up. Beat my last time by 1.5 minutes and 20 lbs. I'll take it!

Looks like everyone is doing great. See you Sunday. Mike L

kq said...

13:26; 80lbs.
Dang!! Mike and Mike left Leslie and I in the dust...what the hell!!
Anyway, I took over 3 minutes off my last time and added 20lbs...but, it was still hard!!

L. A. said...

Was very disappointed in myself today! The workout was a good one though. Can't seem to get the form down for the Deadlifts!!

Who left WHO in the dust,,,you all did very well!! Just me in the dust Ha! Ha!

14:51 (36 sec's)more then last time (Yuk!!)
90#'s 10#'s more though