Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday August 11, 2009

For 20 Minutes,
On the minute every minute do:
3 Burpees
Max Rep Deadlifts

Tracy, Leslie, Mike C., Krista, Dana, Jen and Paul

Pray for Captain Rezzoniko, a sister co-worker who is in critical condition after responding to a fire.




Anonymous said...

I am coming, but don't know if I can get there at 6. Today is open house at school and the teachers has specfic times for us to show up. Depends on how long that takes what time I can be at the garage. Dana

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 136 Reps
Used 185 lbs. (Bodyweight)
I think I really did 146 reps, but only had 18 numbers written down. I never did less then 5, therefore I might of forgot to mark 5 on 2 of the sets. 2 sets missing. (13,10,13,10,10,10,5,5,5,5,8,7,5,5,5,5,5,11)

kq said...

170 reps; 65 lbs.
That was hard...all my numbers are written on your garage floor...see you tomorrow and thanks for another fantastic workout!!
Great Job everyone!

Fitness Estrella said...

I want to praise everybody for an excellent job today. This is a tough workout but every one of you kept going. It seems that everyone keeps getting stronger, the rest periods shorter and the recovery improving tremendously. Everyone kept going and going. Awesome job and don't forget you did 60 burpee's as well.

Jen B. said...

100 reps at 85 lbs
Probably could have done more, but I was worried about my form getting sloppy.

Fitness Estrella said...

Total weight moved by everyone. (+60 burpee's)
Tracy - 10750 lbs
Leslie - 10370 lbs
Jen - 8500 lbs
Krista - 11050 lbs
Dana - 8250 lbs
Mike C. - 18430 lbs
Paul - 25160 lbs (maybe 27010 lbs)
As weight is increased the reps decrease exponentially, but as MetCon improves your total weight should be close to the same within reason.