Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday August 09, 2009

AMRAP in 20 Minutes
5 Pushups
7 Box Jumps
9 WallBalls

Leslie, Mike L., Jen and Paul


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 16 Rounds
20 lb. Wallball @ 10'6" (top post of Ramada)
18" Box Jumps (First Round = 32" Box Jumps)

Very tough and the extra 6" on the Wallballs made me have to thrust myself so much higher and harder.

Anonymous said...


Sorry I missed this morning - shoulder a little sore so I went running instead. See ya Tuesday.


L. A. said...

Not to bad today, early morning is great!
Did all Box jumps this time not Step ups!!

15 Rds
12 lb. Wallball
18" Box Jumps

Jen B. said...

17 rounds
12lb WB
bench high jumps

kq said...

06/28/10 (114 today!!)
10 rounds
I sub'd Thrusters (60lbs) for Wallballs
20" BJ's

Not sure if I used to much weight on the TH to sub for WB's, but this was a good wod for me.