Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday August 15, 2009


30 Clean and Jerks
5K Run

Tracy, Leslie, Dana, Jen, Mike L. and Paul



Jen B. said...

C&J's 60 lb - 5:30
5k 25:32

Good run today guys! I was able to take 30 seconds off my last time.

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 4:56
Used 135 lbs.
Sub 5 yeah!

Run = I ran the 5K but just ran it with everybody else (back and forth) and pushing a jogging stroller. I helped push (or maybe made it harder) Mike L. throughout the run.

Mike L said...

30 C&J = 4:03 min, 65 lbs. next time 75 lbs
5K Run = 28:39 min, last time = 36+ by myself. It's good to have company. Thanks for the diversion, Paul. If you weren't there, all I would have seen was Jen pulling away, further... and further away. BTW, my knee popped at the end of the run, but it's fine.
Well done everyone,
Mike L

L. A. said...

C&J's 60 lbs- 6:38
5k 33:25

First time with 60 lbs, little hard. that was a hard run for me, since I had never ran that far. Thanks Tracy for pushing me. I stop mayb 4 times for about 10 sec. I didn't want to loose site of Tracy in front of me. Ha Ha that kept me moving.

Joshua said...

I did this just now. 94lbs(should have gone with 105 or more.)

3:31 @ 95lbs, then did a mile run in 9:00 after 2 minutes of rest. Would have gone longer, but I had this unsetling in my stomach thatI needed to stop for. =/

PS. I have been working during workout times lately, plus a friend from out of town was over, so I should start coming more again.

Fitness Estrella said...

That's awesome Josh. I did this workout January 21, 2009 and used 95 lbs. It was my first time doing Cleans and Jerks ever. My time was 3:20. So job well done. You might be able to do 115 lbs. and get what you should out of it. If you are sub 5, increase until you get to 135 lbs.
Below is the link to when I did it.

Dana said...

C&J 50lbs @ 6:42
Run 34:36

I liked the way that Paul just put that 50lbs down and I didn't know how much it was until the exercise was over!

Fitness Estrella said...

I did this workout again on 08/16/09 with 95 lbs. to see my improvement with this weight. I did this weight last on 01/21/09 in 3:20.
Paul - 1:59
95 lbs.

Anonymous said...

70 lbs@ 3:02
5K 29:05


Completed on Sunday the 16th.