Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday August 24, 2009

20 - 15 - 10
400M Run

Ultimately we want to shoot for bodyweight deadlifts. Use weight that you feel comfortable with but not easy.

See Previous Times:
Wednesday June 10, 2009

Tracy, Leslie, Sandra, Dana, Krista, Mike l., Mike C., Jen and Paul


Sandra R said...

I will be there in AM

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 10:05
185 lbs. (Bodyweight)
I felt like crap. I felt horrible.
Previous time = 11:24 @ 225 lbs. I was probably 205 back then.

Dana said...

It felt awesome to graduate from the green pull up band! Thanks Paul, for coming up with a way for me to move on! And the 65 lbs for me on the deadlift was pretty good. I think maybe I could have done more lbs. if we weren't doing pull ups too! Sandra - awesome job on the RED - Tracy, I am so impressed that you are willing to work out so much with your injury! (But of course I will be glad when they put your bone back inside your body!)

Anonymous said...

I learned three things tonight.

1. Concrete is hard.
2. I don't bounce.
3. Eating crow aint so bad...

Great job KQ!

Fitness Estrella said...

Everybody did an excellent job. Doing pullups after deadlifts is extremely tough. Every one of you either increased weight or used a smaller band and still kicked butt. Tracy always amazes me. Dana increased weight and used a smaller band, Sandra used weight she never done before on deadlifts and keeps leapfrogging bands (in a month you'll be at purple), Leslie keeps pushing herself and keeps up with someone 10 years younger, Krista keeps increasing difficulty while only doing this less then 2 months, Mike C. keeps increasing weight or difficulty ecponentially, Mike L. keeps getting faster and stronger (red band next - you fly through those pullups) and Jen, keep up your motivation. As much as you work and then do the workouts on your own you are an inspiration to me and am sure to others as well. You smashed your time in less then 2 months and increased 15 lbs. on your deadlift and went down 2 band sizes. I am worried about the competition. Great job again EVERYONE.

Jen B. said...

95# deadlifts
purple band

I really didn't think I would be able to do 95lbs, but I knew Leslie would up her weight, so I better! You guys are doing awesome!

Anonymous said...

The password to get me to do deadlifts again is ...Ibuprofen...
time 17:39
80# deadlifts
red band.
My times can only get better..Right!!!

Sandra R.

kq said...

12:47; blue/purple bands
75lb deadlifts; 85lbs next time (well, that's what I say now...)
Mike C. you learned some good things...the hard way!!
Everyone is doing an amazing job!!
Thanks for all your support last night!!

Anonymous said...


The Cleveland's must have the clumsy gene. I'm just glad Mike didn't end up like me....Everyone is such an inspiration for me that I can't wait till my surgery is over and I can rejoin the group. You all have come so far - Jen you are awesome and to see where the other ladies in the group have come in just a short time is amazing. Same with the guys, you rock. Keep it up....


L. A. said...

The C's keep coming up with the excuse that if you fall down, you don't have to finish the workout. What's up with that!!! Hope your ok Mike. You did great!!

This workout was definatly a big challange for me. Jen you keep me going,you pushed big time. We need to work on NO band shortly. Ha! Ha! My form needs work. Great job everyone!!

Purple Band
Deadlifts - 95#

Mike L said...

Had a great day! Ya just never know. 11:48
Red band (Yes Paul, look at the board)
95 lbs (good weight) I want to focus on my form.

Mike C.- I hope these workouts help your hand strength. Your fall was scary. BTW, your head did bounce. Hope you're okay.

This group is so good for me. So much positive energy. Thank you.
Mike L