Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday August 10, 2009


I am considering another workout slot in the mornings at 10:00 AM. This time would work best for me but understand many people can not workout until the evenings. The only issue I have is if I do this, I would like to know which persons would come at what time and also know that I would have at least 2 persons for each workout. Please let me know who and what time each of you would come. Also the weekends would be still set for 1 workout time in the morning only.

I am currently thinking of more flexibility. As of right now and when I started this program, I wanted a limited number of motivated people (8 - 10) and provide them with the tools to accomplish the goals of this program. It seems to me that there can be and is several more interested people. As for now I want to purchase 1 more Rower, 6 - 8 boxes, a few more kettlebells or dumbells, 1 more bar and 1 more pullup bar. I would also like to get some matting as well. The point is we still will get what we want and need from the workout sessions but need to improvise. This is OK, especially to keep costs low.

My question to all of you is what is your goals and what do you want when you come to work out? It seems that most want to workout and go home within one hour. This is perfect but if you want any individual advice I want you know know I am here. Also I would love to have a small BOX (building, gym or even detached RV garage) that we can make a gym out of, only. I have thought of purchasing a custom lot and building a ome with a separate RV garage to allow in and out entry for those who want to come and get their workout in. But this would force us to sell this home which we really love. My issue is I think this can be huge up here in Estrella. I also want to provide a place to do the workouts with all the equipment and allow for 8 hours of open gym a day. How can we accomplish this? I need all your advice. I have my Certification in CrossFit and would like to be an affiliate which would allow for a mass influx of interested people. Does anyone have any idea's? All we would need is a 700 - 1000 square foot facility. My garage is 500 square feet if everything is removed. This is to the step up at the rear of the garage. A 750 sq ft place would allow for pullup bar system, a couple ropes, 5 rowers (that can be folded and stored, 10 ring attachments weights, boxes and storage with still allowing 10 people to workout at the same time. Many gyms are this size and have 50 members. We would need approximately 30 paying members at $150 each. This would be $4500 a month. We can employ a student or someone up here to keep the gym open for 8 hours a day at 20 days a month. This would be about $1280.

It is absolutely a real goal and adventure. As I have stated before I am not looking to make money, but the opportunity to provide something to a community that will be a big hit and success. Does anybody have ideas? Is anybody in on a joint venture to make this happen? I truly believe it will get big and we can ultimately have 50 + members, a paid position for someone and all the equipment and space needed to provide a great resource to us.

The cost of 1 employee at 40 hours a week, my certs, insurance, affiliate and website would be approx. $20,000 a year. At 30 people at $150 a month would create $54,000. This would give us about $2800 a month for rent and equipment. Give your thoughts.



Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME Paul! Your really moving along and I'm impressed with your plans. Keep it up brotha...Murph

Anonymous said...


I think those are good goals and I will have to do some thinking about that long term stuff. I know a group of ladies that are "hard core" exercisers and might be interested in joining. But, they only workout during the morning as they have kids in school. I can tell them about you.

As for me, 10 am would be the very best time of the day. From now through the first week in Sept I have something scheduled on Wednesdays so I couldn't come on those days. Also occassionally once or twice a week I need to go to town so I probably couldn't work out on those days becuase I would need to be back here for school pickup and there just isn't enought time in the day to get stuff done between 11:30 and getting back for 2:30. I think for me that is the biggest drawback to the 2 on/1 off system because I can't plan ahead when I make appointments because I don't know when workouts will be in three weeks, etc.

However, all that being said, if you offered mornings I would always try to come then. Morning is just easier for me with my kids after school activities and homework,etc.

Very Sincerely, Dana

Mike L said...

Evenings during the week are the only option I have. Sounds like you are really thinking this plan through. Good for you. I'm there as long as my body holds out.

I will not be there on Tuesday. A family chore came up.

I had a great workout today. Went waterskiing. This is the first time I can honestly say I'm seeing the benefit of CrossFit. I normally ski 2 or 3 times before I am exhausted. Today, I went 4 times and skiied hard the whole time. Pullups, rowing, squats, wall ball... they all helped. Yahoo!
Mike L.

Anonymous said...

If you had a morning session, i would be there. When I come and workout, I think it is great that the first part of your hour you demonstrate and practice the moves we will be working on. I love the fact that you express proper body alignment during all movements and if we are able to master these "functional movement" during the workouts we will soon be able to incorporate it into our everday lives without even thinking about it. I love that your workouts are quick but gets the job done. I have never left your house not feeling that I did not have a great workout.
As for me, I am getting from you just what I need. I am more confident, I am stronger, and I have noticed less fatigue in my everday life.. I wish to continue with this, as my long term goals are to strengthen, tone up, and shed some pounds.

Sandra R.