Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday August 21, 2009

7 Rounds
7 Thrusters
7 Pullups
7 Burpees

Thruster weight: RX'D weight is 75 lbs for Male and 53 lbs for Female. This is approximately 20% less weight for most other Thruster workouts. So when picking your weight you can stay at where you have been (up to 53 lbs) or reduce your weight by the same ratio (20%) for the weight used. Example: If you use 50 lbs for for a workout that has a RX'D weight of 65 lbs. (most thruster workouts) then 50 lbs minus 20% equals 40 lbs. You would then use 40 pounds for your workout, but nothing less. For male: If you use 65 lbs. then your ratioed weight to use is 52 lbs.

Tracy, Leslie, Dana, Krista, Mike C. and Paul



Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 8:55
75 lbs.
This was tough, thanks Sandra for timing and pushing me.
I was tired (had no sleep last night), I am sick (stuffy nose, sore throat and nauseated) and have traumatic epidimitis (very painful). Either way I pushed myself and challenged myself to do this while being happy with my results.

Anonymous said...


This one was really hard for me. Had to stop more than I ever have in the past. Dana you did awesome, keep it up. See you guys Sunday.


L. A. said...

Little hard for me, was a good workout though!!
Although I had a workout from WORK already.!!!
Thanks Paul for the push.

Purple Band

Jen B. said...

I agree, it was hard, but not the worst.

purple band
45 lbs

L. A. said...

Paul r u sure that I used 40#,cuz it seemed heavier?? Great job Jen.

kq said...

12:23 Green band
Way to go Jen!!
Tough; just tried to keep pushing through.