Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday July 27, 2009


1000M Row
50 Thrusters (35lb./45lb.)
30 Pullups

This is a workout that you go all out on. Push yourselves.
*Start bringing a jumprope so we can start practicing with them.*

Leslie, Mike l., Krista, Dana and Paul



kq said...

TBD based on what?? Hmm.

Ok; I will be there. FYI did Saturdays 200m runs on Sunday and posted them on Saturday...

Dana said...

TBD - my guess is that means what everybody did or did not do while Paul was away. I freely admit while I had good intentions after the first rest day the next two workout days just didn't happen! I'll be there tonight.

Fitness Estrella said...

Perfect Krista. It is good to see everybody keeping up with working out.

kq said...

hahahahaha...waaaaaaaaa! I just finally can wash my hair!!! Argh!!! :-)

L. A. said...

I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

Ran Friday and Saturday - finally getting the use back in my arms without pain....Enjoy tonight - I'll see ya Tuesday.


Mike L said...

Missed one of the workouts, but mountain biked for one hour and played soccer yesterday. See you at 6:30.
Mike L

kq said...

14:20 blue/jump
Pull ups are my total downfall; just can't seem to figure them out! Frustrating.
Leslie, Mike and Dana you all did awesome! Way to push it! :-)

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 7:58 (approximtate)
Previous time = 7:59

I am mad, my stop watch didn't start. My time is approximate.
Row = 3:28
Thrusters (45 lbs.) = 2:00 - I did 40 straight, held the bar for 10 secs. and did 10 more. (it takes 1 minute to do 30 with 95 lbs.)
Pullups = 2:30 or less - I noticed my watch didn't start after I did 14 straight pullups. It took 1:30, with rest, to do the next 16. I am sure it took less then 1 min to do 14.

Jen B. said...

purple band

Dana said...

16:49 Green. This was the second most difficult workout for me. The rower just took it out of me!

Mike L said...

That workout SUCKED! My worst yet. Heat? Different rowing machine? I don't know. I think it was just a bad day for me. Next time!
Mike L

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