Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday July 29, 2009


2 items to think about:
First I would like to have a family barbeque of some sort, at my house. After talking to most of you it seems that Saturday September 5, 2009 would be a good date. If this works for you please respond if you are in or not. If this is not a good date please let me know what day would be good for you. I think we can have a barbeque (chicken, hamburgers, steak, ect.), some sides, and of course drinks for all your hard work. It always works well if someone brings one thing (Side, hamburger, dessert, ect) like a pot luck. I will make some authentic margaritas and provide other stuff. We have a pool for the kids and spa for anyone that wants to take the edge off. I figure 4ish would be good and socialize, eat and drink until we can't take it anymore. Sound Good?

Also Mile C is very interested in the Falgstaff Run. I am too (although I have never done one) just to get away, exercise and to do it. None of us will have a problem. The site information is I would like a count to see all that would be a deffinate YES. Most of us have family (kids) and think that there might be a spouse or several older kids that can watch all the younger kids while we run. Also this would be strickly for fun and can start and finish together. I like the fact that this is trail running and not a perfect setting. It is a real scenario, not flat paved surfaces. Let me know your thoughts.

Also I received a post on July 23, 2009 that reads:
Hi Paul! I met you and your wife at Legoland last week--it was so much fun talking to you about CF! I met a bunch of people in my travels from Sacramento to LA and on to San Diego--Crossfitters are a great group of enthusiastic people! If you are interested, you can check out our gym at Malz is the owner and there are some neat photos and a profile on her on the main site when you check out the Northeast Qualifier results. If you are ever in CT be sure to give us a call! Kathleen Crowell, Glastonbury, CT

I want to say thank you Kathleen for your comment and saying hi. You can always email me at the website link and I am sure if any of us athletes are in CT we will look up the Gym. Also I forgot to mention that most gyms will let you work out there while on vacation if you already belong to one. Sometimes it may be a donation of $5. Thanks again.


Jen B. said...

Did Monday's workout today- 11:21. Not looking forward to doing yesterday's workout. I am guessing it was brutal seeing that nobody has posted on it yet. And, of course, I heard about Josh.

Josh - START DRINKING WATER- CUT BACK ON SODA. Especially when you were out golfing in the heat the day before. Hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...


FYI - Mike and I are from CT, good to know when we go back that we could check it out in Glastonbury. That's not far from where we grew up. I love the networking. Also, I'm having my surgery the 3rd so don't think I'll be up for the 5th - Mike may go though. Have a drink for me.


kq said...

Hey! The 5th is not good for me; it's my niece's bday and they live all the way by Queen Creek...I thought we had discussed the last w/end in August?
Jen-I have no doubt you will blow through yesterday's workout!! :-)

Mike L said...

I will be kayaking in Washington on September 5. In fact, that looks like our only busy Aug-Sept. weekend right now.
Mike L

Dana said...

Hey! I sent Paul and e-mail about the BBQ but if the 5th is bad for you guys I can do the weekend before (29 August).

L. A. said...

Well so far it looks like I'm the only one that can make it. I'm still open to any weekend! Steve and I where planning on haveing a BBQ in Oct.
Jen I have missed you at these workouts. You have to give up the Purple Band, and I have to start useing the Purple Band. Ha!Ha! I posted yesterday. The workout wasn't that bad.

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