Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday July 22, 2009

2K Row for time.

Go as hard as you can. If you would like write down your time for a 2K and continue for a total of a 5K row. Document this time as well and see how close it is to a 5K run when you do that next. (5K Row is Optional)

Another option: 4 Rounds - 500M Row and 400M Run.

List which workout you did.

Do at the Starpoint. Find someone to go with you and do it together. There are 2 Row Machines.

*I am working on getting a Row Machine and hope to have one by the 27th. That'll be one down three to go.*

See previous times:
Thursday June 04, 2009


Joshua said...

I just ran 4 miles and boy was it hard. I also took my 5 k split time.

4 mile - 36 minutes (my previous time on the same course about a month ago was 43 minutes)
5k - 27 minutes (I remember doing one in like 19/20 minutes my sophomore year =/)

I'm probably going to do a 2k-5k row tomorow at my YMCA. I'll update later.

Jen B. said...

Couldn't get to the gym, so did a 5k run.

Previous time 26:09

Dana said...

Went to the gym...time was 11:33.6 for 2k

I was going to run a bit too, however, at the risk of being indelicate, I have to admit that when I did my run warm-up I found out that certain muscles in my chest were very sore from yesterday and the bouncing with running just wasn't going to happen today!

I have no idea how you can row 5k fast. 2k pushing hard it was difficult near the end.

Leslie - I know you were worried about the m/k. If you go to Starpointe, press menu on the rower, then choose standard workout, then choose 2000m. It times you and provides a pace as you go. This is good because you can try to beat yourself! If you want to do 5k choose 5000m.

L. A. said...

The row was good today. Thanks Dana for thinking of me. I did not see your note till now. I sort of figured it out. My time was a little to shabby today cause my arms were sore from last nite.I wanted to bet my last time.O well. So I worked out in the gym for another 25mins!! And beat myself to death..

Time- 10:12

Mike L said...

Krista and Tracy inspired me. They looked like crew. 2K = 8:18, 5K = 21:39. Last 3K felt slower and took forever, but the time wasn't that much longer... got into my breathing rhythm. Don't think I can attend on Friday or Saturday. I'll do something, though I'm sure it won't be near as exciting as what you all do!

kq said...

Yikes!! I think Tracy and I were yapping too much!
Tracy 2k 11:18; 5k 29:25
Krista 2k 10:37; 5k 28:29
Our butts were hurting!! Fun trying to stand up!

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 24:31
Did a 5K Run this morning.
Previous time was 22:01. I didn't push myself at all and I started the run 5 minutes after waking. I needed a rest day and made it an easy run.

Fitness Estrella said...

Great times everyone. I was glad to see everybody do a 5K Row as well. That is no joke. When I said go hard, I wanted you to go hard on the 2K and then do what you can for the rest. Rowing is tough but a great metabolic workout especially in conjuction with many major muscle groups.
MIKE - I don't know if you saw but I will not be around until Monday. We left immediately after our run this morning and hit the road. We went straight to Legoland and just got to our Hotel now. I am exhausted.
Rest up everybody and see you all in 5 days.

Jen B. said...

2K row 10:29

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