Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday July 16, 2009

2 Rounds
800M Run
30 Thrusters (45lbs./75lbs.)
30 SDHP (45lbs./75lbs.)

This workout is usually 3 rounds. We are slowly getting into more as we are getting stronger, faster, quicker.

Mike C., Tracy, Leslie, Mike L, Sandra, Krista, Dana, Rayne, Josh and Paul


Thrusters and SDHP

Post Workout

Post workout conversation


Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 14:31 2 rounds
Paul - 23:43 3 rounds
75 lbs.

From what I can remember:
1st Round:
Run = 3:20 Workout = 3:10 Round = 6:30
2nd Round:
Run = 3:45 Workout = 4:16 Round = 8:01
3rd Round:
Run = 4:20 Workout = 4:52 Round = 9:12
Approximate times.

Did this last on February 4, 2009
3 rounds = 27:34
75 lbs.

L. A. said...

That was a workout for the books!! Got my first BLISTER thanks Paul..,Great support again,good job Dana, remember u got me intrested in this, u can can do this!!

20:25@ 45-lbs

Mike L said...

24:14 with 55 lbs. Dead last and I do mean DEAD. Everybody just remember, when you hear footsteps and heavy breathin', I am in pursuit to pass......YOU!

Joshua said...

Haha nice one Mike. i would've probably added 20 minutes had I done a 3rd round. :(

Nonetheless, I finished 2 rounds in:
23:55 @ 65#

Fitness Estrella said...

All of you did amazingly well. Mike remember you almost beat a 20 year old. Everybodies improvements are worth noticing. Ask Sandra, this workout with the weight you all did would have killed you if it were 2 months ago.
Great job once again.

Sandra R said...

I will say it was much better the 2nd time around. I used the same weight as the last time that is why I was able to go faster this time.

It is great working out with all of you,you all encourage me to stick with it!!

Finished 16:05 35#

kq said...

Way to go everybody! I had to really push on the run...and to finish up with the SDHP's!
Thanks for your continued encouragement and support!

Finished 17:43; 35lbs.

Jen B. said...


Rayne Gray said...

Great work out gang! I blisterd my big toes - black top was toooo hot.

Joshua said...

Haha, Paul. Give me a month and I'll start doing these as recommended and still get faster times!

Dana said...