Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday July 31, 2009

1 minute - 1 Clean and Jerk
2nd minute - 2 Clean and Jerks
and so on until you can't complete a round.

If you did not finish through 10 rounds,
2 rounds
200M Run
10 Clean and Jerks

Tracy, Leslie, Krista, Mike C., Rayne, Josh and Paul


Leslie A said...

Looks are deceiving!!! Challenge yourselfs a bit with this one. All u ladies should be able to do this with 45#. You have all done so well.
If you get past 10 Rds with the weight u have chosen to light! Have fun.


Sandra R said...

Hey everyone,

Just got back from vacation. Been out of touch due to limited internet while being gone. Did some of the workouts while I was gone. Did tuesdays workout this AM, Not so good, I posted my times on the appropriate date. These workouts are much harder when you do them on your own. It is hard to stay focused. I will catch up with you all on Sunday.

Leslie A said...

Sorry I had to miss all of u.

kq said...

50lbs Ten Rounds
9:56 mile run after with Tracy...thanks for your neverending support T!!
Paul-my kids had a great time; thanks!!!
See you all on Wed.

Rayne said...

135#, 10rnds with out a second to spare

Joshua said...

6 rounds @ 115#
+3 reps on 7th round
2x[200m run, 10 reps at 105#]
1 mile in 7:45ish

Jen B. said...

Made it to 9 rounds with 50lbs. I used the whole minute for 9 and had to take 10 seconds before starting my tenth, so didn't quite make it.

Fitness Estrella said...

Paul - 10 Rounds
115 lbs.
Did an eleventh round a few minutes later within a minute.
Did on Saturday August 01, 2009

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