Thursday, January 1, 2009

1 Mile Run

Top Males:
1) Paul 5:39 (06/14/10)
2) Shea 6:25 (10/22/14) - 8 Years Old
3) Jared 7:19 (05/13/15)
4) Josh 8:20 (06/26/11) - Now doing a 14:07 2 mile in Boot Camp

Top Females:
1) Lisa 6:19 (01/04/14)
2) Morgan 6:22 (02/15/14)
3) Jenna 6:27 (03/04/14) - 10 Years Old


Fitness Estrella said...

I did a 1 Mile Run on Monday March 12, 2012. This is 4 months post surgery. I haven't done anything and I felt it. I was dry coughing the rest of the night.

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

3/27/12: I got my mile to 6:26! So CLOSE to getting the top spot. Dang you Lisa! ;)

D. said...

1 mile
lots of room for improvement


Fitness Estrella said...

7:29 RX'd (02/02/13)
i got the top time at school last week for the mile run. i was first place and did it in 7:24. i wanted to show my parents that i could do it fast and beat my mom.

9 years old

Anonymous said...

7:29 RX'd

i did another mile today and i got a cramp for 3 quarters of a mile. i did not beat my time though. insted i slowed down by 10 sec. 7:29-7:39.

Anonymous said...

posted by jenna.

Me and The Boys said...

7:21 2/22/13 Hoping by the end of the year to be in the 6minute range


Tara and Devin said...

6:55 as of last week during our wod. Very happy with that as I'm getting closer to the leader board!

Morgan & Jared Hochstettler said...

6:22!!- It was an awesome run tonight. knocked out my first mile as fast as I could and finished out a 40 minute run. Total was 6.8 miles. I never felt tired which gets me all pumped for tough mudder :)

Tara and Devin said...

6:45 PR


Beat 5 seconds off my last time! I beat Jenna! Woot woot!! (Sorry Jenna)

Anonymous said...

Man! Now I have to beat 6:45! Just 3 seconds off.

Anonymous said...

finally I beat 6:48!now I am on the mile run board again! (sorry tara)

Lisa Hobbs said...

Got 6:18 @ park (5/20/14)
My goal for the year is 6:05. We'll see if I can make that happen!

Anonymous said...

YES! I Finally beat Lisa!!! :D 6:11 For mile run at school.


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